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Our Second Wedding Anniversary – 26th November 2013

26th November 2011 - Our wedding day
Today marks exactly 2 years in our journey in marriage with Racheal, it has been a blessing to have my dear wife in my life. Other than the blessing of salvation I received from God as a young boy on 17th March 1993, my wife is the second gift that God gave me. I want to just share how I met my wife and finally married her on 26th November 2011.

9th October 2010 - At Racheal's home

I first came into contact with Racheal in 2005 shortly after completing my tertiary education. I was in the same class with my wife’s elder sister (Melissa) and we were so close that at times we used to study together. After completing school and graduating, I continued being friends with Melissa and I used to visit her home frequently as we were staying in the same neighborhood in Nkana West, Kitwe.

One day as we were walking into town with Melissa, we bumped into Racheal who was coming from the opposite direction, she was coming from a funeral where she went to spend a night, her friend lost her mother. She said hi to us and Melissa introduced me to her saying ‘this is my kid sister Racheal’, she had a big smile on her face and I quickly said, “hi, nice meeting you”. She then proceeded home and we continued with our journey into town. Whatever discussion we had with Melissa was put on hold and I began to ask about Racheal, I started by saying, “I didn’t know you had a young sister”… and she just smiled.

16th October 2010 - PPAZ VCT outreach
Then as days went by and I was finding her  home, we eventually became friends. I began to feel bad in the sense that Melissa was my friend and I began to get closer and closer to Racheal each time I saw her, so I stopped visiting their home. I was missing in action and again I started visiting their home. Melissa was seeing someone at the time and Racheal had just broken up with the guy she was seeing. We began to have walks and it was a wonderful experience for me as it was the first time I had real feelings for someone of the opposite sex.
24th October 2010 at our friend's engagement
Our friendship grew stronger and she introduced me to her friends at Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) where she was a volunteer. By then I was working for Zambia State Insurance as a Sales Executive and she was studying two different programs at Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP) doing her Diploma in Food Production and also evening classes at the University of Zambia (UNZA) doing a Diploma in Project Planning and Management. I kept wondering why she was studying like that and how she used to manage studying two programs at the same time, when I asked her she said that she liked keeping her mind busy at all times.

23rd April 2011 at Palmwood Lodge
11th March 2012 - Chingola
At Ezra Thole's Wedding - 2012

I changed jobs from ZSIC to C&B Engineering Limited in 2006 and our friendship grew stronger, she also started work near my work place at Pamo Lodge. I wanted to start a relationship with her but she kept refusing and did not give me reasons. I need to say here that when a lady says NO, there is need not to give up easily because most ladies don’t just say ‘YES’ the first time we guys ask. I had to continue visiting her and getting to know her better but when I brought up the issue of a relationship she still said NO.
10th June 2012
On 10th April 2007 a dark cloud dawned on Racheal’s family as she lost her mother, she did not fall sick but was just disturbed by a cry of a baby when she was dozing which raised her bp, she was rushed to Kitwe Central Hospital but it seems the Lord had other plans for her. It was a sad moment and I only got the sad news later that evening from Melissa. I visited the funeral house though I never saw Racheal as she was in the house. A month later on 9th May, she lost her Elder sister Getrude (Bana Ham). This was indeed a big blow and a great loss to the Kumwenda family. I visited the funeral house again and this time I sat with Racheal outside and she narrated what really transpired, it seemed Bana Ham had a lot that she was thinking about, she was the oldest in Racheal’s family. She was put to rest on 11th May.
Again the following day after putting her elder sister to rest, Racheal’s friend from YMCA lost her mother and Racheal went to spend a night at the funeral house. I talked to her on phone and expressed my condolences over the losses… She told me that she was going to spend a night at the friends place for the funeral; I tried to talk her down as they were going through a lot as a family and she needed to stay home and rest but she refused and insisted on going. On the burial day, she fell sick at the grave yard and was taken to Kitwe Central Hospital where she was hospitalized. I got a call from Ethel a friend from YMCA saying that she was admitted in hospital and I quickly dashed to see her after work. Her Blood Pressure was high and the doctor advised her to rest. She got discharged and after a week on 22nd May 2007 she finally said yes and I was the happiest young man at this particular time. This was the first time I felt complete as there was something missing in my life… (My lost rib). We started informing our friends and family and Mr. Bestone Chileya became our counselor.

In December 2010, I left C&B Engineering Limited and joined Tata Zambia in Lusaka, this was a joyous moment in my career and again a sad moment as I left Racheal in Kitwe, she was at this time working for A Safer Zambia (ASAZA), a Care International led Project as a counselor and Social worker. I moved to Lusaka but then kept coming back to Kitwe during my weekends for counseling and wedding preparations. Mr. Simon Chilongoshi my former church mate was coordinating the wedding arrangements. We planned to marry in November as Racheal’s contract with Care International  was expiring sometime in November that same year. We married on 26th November, 2011 at Nkana East Chapel and my wife moved to Lusaka. We now have two lovely children, Micah Madalitso Kamanga and Precious Khumbo Kamanga.

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