Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Second Wedding Anniversary – 26th November 2013

26th November 2011 - Our wedding day
Today marks exactly 2 years in our journey in marriage with Racheal, it has been a blessing to have my dear wife in my life. Other than the blessing of salvation I received from God as a young boy on 17th March 1993, my wife is the second gift that God gave me. I want to just share how I met my wife and finally married her on 26th November 2011.

9th October 2010 - At Racheal's home

I first came into contact with Racheal in 2005 shortly after completing my tertiary education. I was in the same class with my wife’s elder sister (Melissa) and we were so close that at times we used to study together. After completing school and graduating, I continued being friends with Melissa and I used to visit her home frequently as we were staying in the same neighborhood in Nkana West, Kitwe.

One day as we were walking into town with Melissa, we bumped into Racheal who was coming from the opposite direction, she was coming from a funeral where she went to spend a night, her friend lost her mother. She said hi to us and Melissa introduced me to her saying ‘this is my kid sister Racheal’, she had a big smile on her face and I quickly said, “hi, nice meeting you”. She then proceeded home and we continued with our journey into town. Whatever discussion we had with Melissa was put on hold and I began to ask about Racheal, I started by saying, “I didn’t know you had a young sister”… and she just smiled.

16th October 2010 - PPAZ VCT outreach
Then as days went by and I was finding her  home, we eventually became friends. I began to feel bad in the sense that Melissa was my friend and I began to get closer and closer to Racheal each time I saw her, so I stopped visiting their home. I was missing in action and again I started visiting their home. Melissa was seeing someone at the time and Racheal had just broken up with the guy she was seeing. We began to have walks and it was a wonderful experience for me as it was the first time I had real feelings for someone of the opposite sex.
24th October 2010 at our friend's engagement
Our friendship grew stronger and she introduced me to her friends at Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) where she was a volunteer. By then I was working for Zambia State Insurance as a Sales Executive and she was studying two different programs at Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP) doing her Diploma in Food Production and also evening classes at the University of Zambia (UNZA) doing a Diploma in Project Planning and Management. I kept wondering why she was studying like that and how she used to manage studying two programs at the same time, when I asked her she said that she liked keeping her mind busy at all times.

23rd April 2011 at Palmwood Lodge
11th March 2012 - Chingola
At Ezra Thole's Wedding - 2012

I changed jobs from ZSIC to C&B Engineering Limited in 2006 and our friendship grew stronger, she also started work near my work place at Pamo Lodge. I wanted to start a relationship with her but she kept refusing and did not give me reasons. I need to say here that when a lady says NO, there is need not to give up easily because most ladies don’t just say ‘YES’ the first time we guys ask. I had to continue visiting her and getting to know her better but when I brought up the issue of a relationship she still said NO.
10th June 2012
On 10th April 2007 a dark cloud dawned on Racheal’s family as she lost her mother, she did not fall sick but was just disturbed by a cry of a baby when she was dozing which raised her bp, she was rushed to Kitwe Central Hospital but it seems the Lord had other plans for her. It was a sad moment and I only got the sad news later that evening from Melissa. I visited the funeral house though I never saw Racheal as she was in the house. A month later on 9th May, she lost her Elder sister Getrude (Bana Ham). This was indeed a big blow and a great loss to the Kumwenda family. I visited the funeral house again and this time I sat with Racheal outside and she narrated what really transpired, it seemed Bana Ham had a lot that she was thinking about, she was the oldest in Racheal’s family. She was put to rest on 11th May.
Again the following day after putting her elder sister to rest, Racheal’s friend from YMCA lost her mother and Racheal went to spend a night at the funeral house. I talked to her on phone and expressed my condolences over the losses… She told me that she was going to spend a night at the friends place for the funeral; I tried to talk her down as they were going through a lot as a family and she needed to stay home and rest but she refused and insisted on going. On the burial day, she fell sick at the grave yard and was taken to Kitwe Central Hospital where she was hospitalized. I got a call from Ethel a friend from YMCA saying that she was admitted in hospital and I quickly dashed to see her after work. Her Blood Pressure was high and the doctor advised her to rest. She got discharged and after a week on 22nd May 2007 she finally said yes and I was the happiest young man at this particular time. This was the first time I felt complete as there was something missing in my life… (My lost rib). We started informing our friends and family and Mr. Bestone Chileya became our counselor.

In December 2010, I left C&B Engineering Limited and joined Tata Zambia in Lusaka, this was a joyous moment in my career and again a sad moment as I left Racheal in Kitwe, she was at this time working for A Safer Zambia (ASAZA), a Care International led Project as a counselor and Social worker. I moved to Lusaka but then kept coming back to Kitwe during my weekends for counseling and wedding preparations. Mr. Simon Chilongoshi my former church mate was coordinating the wedding arrangements. We planned to marry in November as Racheal’s contract with Care International  was expiring sometime in November that same year. We married on 26th November, 2011 at Nkana East Chapel and my wife moved to Lusaka. We now have two lovely children, Micah Madalitso Kamanga and Precious Khumbo Kamanga.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scripture Union Van stolen into Zaire – 11th June 1991

Recently our country has been plagued with theft of motor vehicles involving thieves coming from Zaire in collaboration with Zambians. The rate at which vehicle owners are losing their vehicles is so alarming that many are finding it unsafe to drive especially at night. On June 11th 1991, it pleased the Lord to allow the Toyota Hilux belonging to S.U. Zambia to be stolen into Zaire. Below is a brief account of how the Hilux was stolen.
Mr Kunda Kalifungwa
Mr Wilson Kamanga

After months of planning a tour of North Western Province S.U groups, we finally set off for Solwezi, the provincial capital of N.W. Province from Scripture Union House, Kitwe at 15:30 hours on June 11th 1991. Our aim was to reach our destination within three hours in time for a meeting at Solwezi Secondary School. We arrived in Chingola at 16:00 hours and made a stop over at a military check and at a Christian couple’s home to collect some empty bottles for use in buying some soft drinks. Upon buying food and drinks, we left Chingola at 17:00 hours.

Between Chingola and Solwezi, we met two road blocks mounted by the Zambia Defence and Police force respectively. Roughly 20KM after passing the second roadblock we overtook a Toyota Twin-Cab parked by the road side seemingly ready to branch off into the bush. The men in it were shabby looking and did not seem to be the true owners of the vehicle. The Twin-Cab was full of bicycles and live chickens packed and ready to be sold. After by passing the Twin-Cab we saw ahead of us a small motor bike belonging to the Zambian Government with two passengers on it. We had just managed to overtake the motor bike when we saw the Twin-Cab we left parked behind go right in front of us and made a stop. One of the men in it fired six bullets in the air in our direction. This forced us to stop and wait to see what was going to happen. Two men, armed with rifles came out of the Cab and made their way to the van, one in the direction of the driver’s seat where Mr Kamanga was seated and the other went to the passenger’s seat where Mr Kalifungwa was seated. Incidentally we were only two of us in our vehicle. Pointing guns at us, they asked us to surrender keys to our van and go in the back of it. The motor bike we had just by passed was also pushed in the back of our van making us realize that the two men on it were actually part of the group in the Twin-Cab. The men were six in number possessing on AK 47 rifle with three sub-machine guns. They spoke Swahili, Lingala and a bit of French.

Dad, Sister Mary & Brother Gregory
One of the men took over the driver’s seat of our van; the other went to the passenger’s seat while another sat with us to guard us. Following behind the Twin-Cab, the two vehicles turned in the direction of Chingola. After driving a few meters, we branched off towards our left in the bush, heading for Zaire. We drove a kilometer or so before making a stop at a small village where three more young men were taken captives. We later learnt that the five of us were captured to help build a temporary bridge across a stream we were yet to cross. Heading for the stream, we drove for several hours deep in the bush. It was interesting to note that the path we were using had no definite roads and yet the two vehicles were managing to avoid the trees. On our way, our monies, shoes and watch were taken away from us. We received intimidation and threats of being shot if any of us tried to escape.

Family Picture with the Van that was stolen

We were captured at 18:00 hours and arrived at the stream at around midnight, somehow managing to avoid the Zambian mobile policemen. At the stream we all got out of the vehicles and helped build a bridge for over two hours. The construction of the bridge involved clearing off some winding trees that had grown in the stream and cutting enough wood to be laid across the stream for the two vehicles to pass smoothly. After finishing the bridge, we had to clear some tall grass and shrubs again to make way for the vehicles to pass. From the stream we moved another six hours before finally being released at 08:00 hours on Wednesday 12th June 1991, deep in Zairean bush. Including the van, items such as beddings, clothes, Christian literature etc. worth K590,000 were stolen from us into Zaire.

Dad on his tour to Eastern Province visiting Schools

We managed to walk back to Zambia in four hours’ time. Fortunately, just about the time we met the Zambian soldiers and while narrating the story to them, the Member of the Central Committee for N.W Province, who was conducting some political meeting in that area linked up with us. We shared the story with him after which he asked one of the policemen with him to escort us to Solwezi Police Station. After giving our reports, we traveled back to Kitwe on 13th June 1991.

Though we lament the loss of our vehicle and other items, we thank God that He miraculously spared our lives to the praise of his glorious name. Amen.

(Traveling Secretaries)

Friday, May 24, 2013

The pain of losing the people we love

Mr Austine Munthali

Losing a loved one can be so painful especially when a dark cloud dawns unexpectedly. We tend to ask a lot of questions as to why such a thing has happened to us and many of these questions go without answers. It is only God who knows and we need to accept the situation as God is the one who give and gets in His own time.
Part of the congregation at Presbybetarian Church
Grandma putting flowers

On 11th May 2013 in the late evening, we lost our beloved grandfather (mum’s uncle) Mr. Austine Munthali in the University Teaching Hospital (UTH); he was sick for some time and was admitted on 6th May 2013 which is five (5) days before passing on. His kidneys had stopped functioning and his heartbeat had reduced from about 60 per minute to about 13 per minute, he was on Oxygen up to the time he breathed his last breath. I felt bad when I heard of the sad news as I did not anticipate that such would happen even after seeing him in hospital on Thursday evening. He was a retired school teacher and used to teach many people even after he retired, he was an Elder at Kabwata Presbyterian Church, Lusaka and a very mature Christian that many people sought council from him.
Grand Children putting flowers

My Grandfather knew the Lord and we mourned knowing that we shall meet again in the precious kingdom. He was in his late 80s and we put him to rest on Wednesday 15th May 2013 at Leopards Hill Memorial Park. May His Soul Rest In Peace

Indeed grandpa will be sadly missed

Barely a week on the 18th May 2013, I lost another grandparent; this time around it was my dad’s father Mr. Mumba Kamanga. He suffered from prostrate cancer which was in the advanced stage and I remember being told by a doctor when he was in hospital towards the end of last year that his cancer had spread and all that could be done was to manage it as curing it was almost impossible. 
Grandpa Mumba Kamanga

While in UTH - December 2012
Ruth, Mum and Phoebe paying their last respect
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Grand Children putting flowers
Dad (far right) putting flowers
He was discharged from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and had some appointments with doctors for medical checkups and he was supposed to do a bone test before he passed on, we were waiting for UTH to call us as appointments for the same test were to be booked 1-2 months in advance. He was still in pain and suffering while at home. He passed on at the age of 81 years at home and we put him to rest on Monday 20th May 2013 at Leopards Hill Cemetery. He was a member of the Roman Catholic Church in Matero, Lusaka.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy 32nd Wedding Anniversary Mum and Dad – 2nd May 2013

There are generally two events in life that normally bring families and friends together:

The first one is when a closely related person we love so dearly dies, we gather at a funeral house to mourn the beloved one who has departed. The second event is when one is getting married, we again gather to celebrate with the newlyweds as friends and families.

Mr & Mrs W. Kamanga 
I love weddings so much as they not only celebrate the love of two happy people joining to become one flesh but they also provide a wonderful way of bringing all the important people that matter in one place to share the joy of the two who are joining in holy matrimony. As I was growing up, I felt bad when there were weddings and invitation cards said ‘strictly no children’, this to me meant that we were completely cut off from the word go. As time went by I then came to realize why we were cut off. I thought for some time that maybe children eat a lot but that was not the case, there were other reasons …

From Left to right: Mr. Chongo, Ms. Racheal  and dad
I want to share about my parents wedding as they celebrate their 32nd year in marriage. I thank God for giving me God fearing parents and raising us in a manner that pleases God. 2nd May, 1981 which is exactly 32 years ago today, was a remarkable day for my mum and dad as it was the day that they said ‘I do’ to each other and joined in holy matrimony. By then dad was a secondary school teacher of Industrial Arts at Choma Secondary School where he taught from 1979 to 1984 and mum was staying with her mother in Mazabuka.
Church Service - 2nd May 1981
Marriage blessing by the Late Pastor Stan

The wedding was held at Inter-denomination Church which is now called the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) in Mochipapa area in Choma and there after a Reception at Choma Secondary School in the Luangwa Dinning Hall which happened to be my Dinning Hall when I was doing my high school at Choma Secondary School from 2000 to 2002.

Sister Racheal playing the organ
The wedding was graced by the late Pastor Stan and the lady that played the organ at church was Sister Racheal Melhorn who was my dad’s workmate at the time.

The newly Weds - Mr & Mrs Kamanga
Mum and dad, as you celebrate 32 years of marriage, may the Lord God Almighty bless and keep you safe now and in years to come. You have really been a blessing to us.

Yours with much love


The Kamanga Family - 1983

The bridal party

My grand mothers at the wedding

Cutting of the cake

Eating of the cake

The evening after the wedding

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Micah our son turns 5 months today - 15th March 2013

One day old Micah - 16th October 2012

5 months ago today, Micah was born to us at 06:00hrs, making us very proud parents. He was small, he was young, fragile, he was innocent and yet very active and very adorable. We were so grateful for the gift that was bestowed on us on that blessed day we will live to remember and be thankful for.  We instantly fell in love with him even though another part of us was scared and uneasy that this little delicate human being was in every way depending on us to be providers and good parents to him and we were so determined to be the best parents we could be even though we knew very little about what that entailed being first time parents.  We had picked his name which means ‘Who is like Yahweh’, several months before he was born.

In Chingola visiting grand parents
By Yahweh’s grace, he has always been an easy child, he rarely cries, he is very friendly and extremely lovable. It’s been a journey of learning, mistakes, uncertainty, joy, patience and so much happiness. Micah brought a lot of happiness into our lives.  He is Yahweh’s perfect gift to us. Seeing him accomplish his milestones is so fulfilling and rewarding. Seeing the once frail baby discover his hands, chomp on his fingers and palm, kick and play with his feet, roll, sit, babble and sing in his own language is just so warming to us. When he laughs and smiles you can’t help but reciprocate, it’s so contagious and heartwarming.

Yes being parents comes with a lot of responsibilities and it can be a bit tiring but rewarding; the middle of the night changing and feedings, the under five clinics, establishing good nap and sleep time routines, the pain to see your little one in pain (after injections), etc but Yahweh has been very faithful in providing us with a network of knowledgeable and experienced people in this regard who are always on hand to help and advise. The last 5 months have been a great period of change upon change as the newborn grows and progresses to where he is now. We give Yahweh the glory.
Micah and daddy - 13th March 2013
In a world full of pain, uncertainty, suffering, hunger, hatred, sin, etc, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are grateful for what Yahweh has done in our lives and for what He has shown us through the miracle he granted us-our lovely baby boy.
Micah as you turn 5 months old today, we choose to give Yahweh the glory for your life, we choose to thank Him for showing us how faithful and mighty He is through you, we choose to acknowledge Him as Yahweh Ebenezer-The God who has brought us this far.  We choose to thank Him for showing us that no matter how complete and fulfilling our lives may seem, He alone has the ability to show us that He always wants to bless us in an even mightier way and we will be eternally grateful to Him for having given you to us our dear boy.

Micah and mummy - 19th January 2013
May He continue to show Himself strong in our lives and may He help you to grow up in His way and to teach you more about Himself as you grow. May He give us the wisdom necessary to bring you up in a way that is pleasing in His eyes, may He help us with the nurturing tools necessary to help you live up to your name so that the world may indeed ask, “WHO IS LIKE YAHWEH”
Family picture - 30th December 2012
We continue to pray for you each day as you grow older. May Yahweh show Himself mighty through you, may He set you apart for His will, may you grow up to one day declare – How great is our God! May you always know His love, joy, justice, peace, foundation, strength, power, beauty and understanding. Micah, thank you for filling our lives with so much joy, laughter, happiness and so much learning.  Its good to see Yahweh’s beauty revealed to us through you.

Loving you always,

Mom and Dad

The Kamanga family - 9th December 2012