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Happy 32nd Wedding Anniversary Mum and Dad – 2nd May 2013

There are generally two events in life that normally bring families and friends together:

The first one is when a closely related person we love so dearly dies, we gather at a funeral house to mourn the beloved one who has departed. The second event is when one is getting married, we again gather to celebrate with the newlyweds as friends and families.

Mr & Mrs W. Kamanga 
I love weddings so much as they not only celebrate the love of two happy people joining to become one flesh but they also provide a wonderful way of bringing all the important people that matter in one place to share the joy of the two who are joining in holy matrimony. As I was growing up, I felt bad when there were weddings and invitation cards said ‘strictly no children’, this to me meant that we were completely cut off from the word go. As time went by I then came to realize why we were cut off. I thought for some time that maybe children eat a lot but that was not the case, there were other reasons …

From Left to right: Mr. Chongo, Ms. Racheal  and dad
I want to share about my parents wedding as they celebrate their 32nd year in marriage. I thank God for giving me God fearing parents and raising us in a manner that pleases God. 2nd May, 1981 which is exactly 32 years ago today, was a remarkable day for my mum and dad as it was the day that they said ‘I do’ to each other and joined in holy matrimony. By then dad was a secondary school teacher of Industrial Arts at Choma Secondary School where he taught from 1979 to 1984 and mum was staying with her mother in Mazabuka.
Church Service - 2nd May 1981
Marriage blessing by the Late Pastor Stan

The wedding was held at Inter-denomination Church which is now called the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) in Mochipapa area in Choma and there after a Reception at Choma Secondary School in the Luangwa Dinning Hall which happened to be my Dinning Hall when I was doing my high school at Choma Secondary School from 2000 to 2002.

Sister Racheal playing the organ
The wedding was graced by the late Pastor Stan and the lady that played the organ at church was Sister Racheal Melhorn who was my dad’s workmate at the time.

The newly Weds - Mr & Mrs Kamanga
Mum and dad, as you celebrate 32 years of marriage, may the Lord God Almighty bless and keep you safe now and in years to come. You have really been a blessing to us.

Yours with much love


The Kamanga Family - 1983

The bridal party

My grand mothers at the wedding

Cutting of the cake

Eating of the cake

The evening after the wedding

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