Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We must honour and recognize our grand parents

Me and my grand father Mr Mumba Kamanga - 25th Dec 2012
There must always be times in life when we appreciate our grandparents for bringing up our parents, without them we would not be alive neither will our parents be because they bore our parents. Take my grandfather for example, he was born in 1932 (81 years ago) and he is still alive today, his name is Mr. Mumba Kamanga. He bore my father. I remember him telling me a story while he was in UTH sometime in October 2012 of how they really struggled in fighting for our Independence in the early 1960s. Indeed it was like I was watching a movie. 

Phoebe my sister with grandpa
He is now much better and was discharged from Hospital. On 30th December 2012 just before crossing over into the New Year; dad, mum, Phoebe and I visited him at his residence here within Lusaka just to say hi and wish him well as we were entering into a new year. We found him sitted by the door watching passerby and behold he was so happy to see the family; we paid him a surprise visit. We did not find grandmother as she was at the market. The few hours we spend with our grandparents were so refreshing and how I wished I could spend much more time with them.

Mrs Matildah Munthali Sambo
The other woman I want to talk about is my mother’s mother. Her name is Mrs. Matildah Munthali Sambo, she was born in 1935 (78 years old) and lives in Mazabuka. She visited us to see our little bundle baby boy in November last year. Oh how I miss her, she is a very funny woman to talk to, she cracks jokes and when need be she really gets upset especially when she gets drunk. One part that I always remember her of is when she would claim to have stopped drinking; she would talk to convince you that she has stopped drinking even when she would have a bottle of beer in her hand. I always pray for her salvation that God softens her heart and save her; she is a church goer and claims to be a Christian as she is in the choir at United Church of Zambia (UCZ)

One interesting thing about my grandparents is that none of them remembers their birthday. They both know the year in which they were born but date and month only God knows. I just hope that I will not forget mine if God permits me to reach old age.

Grandma with Micah our son - November 2012
As we begin this New Year, may we honor and recognize our grandparents if they are still alive and find time to visit them, they will surely feel good and appreciate your visit.

Mum and my sisters visit grandma in Mazabuka - December 2000


Anonymous said...

Its a reall blessing to have such pipo iin our lives. Makes me miss my grams lots (MTSRIP). I neva met my gramps from both sides, wish I had.

Anonymous said...

Iam so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family and on both sides, that does not happen every day