Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mum celebrates her 51st Birthday today - 3rd June

Its obviously one of those days when I sit down and write about a mother who will continue to be so caring and loving. She turns 51 today…

It’s a blessing indeed to have such a wonderful mother as you. You have been such a pillar of strength to all of us and you continue to open your heart to us even when we are sincerely undeserving and sometimes turn out to be ungrateful. That doesn’t seem to stop you from being the best mum of all times. 
Mom, on your 51st birthday, I want to thank you for all that you have ever been to me and my sisters and to the family at large, you have been such an inspiration to many of us and indeed a rock of strength that God Himself has placed in our family. Mom, I cannot repay you for all that you have ever done for me, I can’t even begin to count the many times that you have made life to be so meaningful and easy for us. You carried us in your womb for nine long months, you went through all the complications and changes associated with pregnancy and yet with love, you carried us and brought us forth into this world. Then came the many sleepless nights you spent when we were sick, the many times you carried us on your back even when you were tired, the many times you had to force us to eat for our own good, the many times you bathed and dressed us for church and school and play, the many times we took you for granted and yet your motherly heart still loved us unconditionally…

Family Picture

Mom you continue to be so loving, caring and supportive throughout the years. I really thank God Almighty for you and for a chance to be called a son of such a great woman. Many queens the world has known and surely many queens the world will know but mom, you need not wear a crown to be identified as the greatest queen who ever lived to me. You love even those who are seemingly undeserving in the opinions of many of us, you help those you know will never extend a hand to help you and you hold out to anyone in need.  You are really a channel of blessing. As long as you have the capacity to help, to extend a kind hand, to say a kind word, you have never been short or held back but you always go all-out to fulfill your Christian duty. Many women do noble things, but you really do surpass them all. You have always been the perfect Proverbs 31 woman to us your family, you have always been a great mother and friend and you are surely a great example of what a true Christian should be. 

My late elder sister Precious with mum

Me and mum in Chingola - July 2010

Ruth my young sister with mum in Chingola - May 2012
Phoebe my youngest sister with mum - Feb 2011

It is my prayer that God may add more years to your life and indeed make your remaining years even more fruitful and plenteous. May He see you through in all that you do and light and guide your path that you may continue to minister to many lives through your life. Your own life is a great testimony of the love, impartiality, kindness and faithfulness of our God whom you have continued to serve meekly. May the God that you have served so faithfully satisfy you with good things and grant you the desires of your heart. May He forever meet you at your point of need and give you even a bigger heart to keep accommodating all of us as you have always done.

Family picture
Mom, to have turned 51 today is a real blessing. May the God whom you have served diligently see you through the many more years to come and may He continue to preserve your life. May He continue to protect you and grant you perfect health. May you see His greatness in this land of the living and may He grant you the courage and perseverance to hold on to Him and to your faith at all times and in all things.

Mum with Racheal my wife
Continue to be the way you are and surely you’ll always be near and dear to the people who love you so much. Mom, I love you and will always do. As I said earlier, I can’t repay you but God Himself will repay you. I want you to know that I am very grateful and continue to be very thankful to your kindness and indeed to all that you have done for me in the past and what you will do for me in the future. You have always shown us a love so amazing and its truly inspiring, challenging and its evident that its all the work of God. 
Mum with her mother and my cousins in Lusaka

Mum holding her grand child Melissa
I will always love you….

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