Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011 Presidential Election in Zambia

President Michael C. Sata

It is very interesting for one to think about the 20th September 2011, when the people of Zambia where once again making a critical decision of choosing their political leaders of the country. I may have a lot to write about these elections but let me confine my writing to the Patriotic Front’s victory and “donchi kubeba…shiii…” concept. I got up early in the morning around 05:30 hours to go cast my vote at the nearest polling station and wow, I found a very long line, people reported to the polling station as early as 03 hours. It seemed to me that a number of people were really anxious about casting their votes.

Swearing in Ceremony at the Supreme Court

Historically in Africa, It is not easy for one to remove or even talk about the incumbent presidents ,let alone the issue of competing politically so you could offer yourself to the people as the best alternative to the ruling Party. The last time such a thing happened was in 1991 when Dr. Kenneth Kaunda lost to Chiluba. I was quiet young but I remember that day as there was a lot of jubilation among the people of Zambia. The Patriotic Front and its master mind Michael Chilufya Sata could be defined as the “an impossible possibility”

The man of action - Mr. Sata

Basically, the man provided balances that most people believed him that they wouldn’t want to miss his words. Not to exaggerate, the youths called him president before he became one and the little children knew his “donchi kubeba shii…” slogan. I was shocked when I was on a bus heading home and a phone belonging to one of the passengers rang… the ringing tone was the Donchi kubeba song and a little young girl began to sing along.

But what made this man win the hearts of youths or more still, his supporters?
When you asked someone in Zambia, they will tell you that he identified himself with the people. He used simple language to communicate; he never told people everything but challenged them to think if it was not possible to change the status quo.  

PF Leader Mr. Michael Sata addressing a Rally

Mr. Michael Sata addressing a Rally
Mr. Michael Sata has been in Politics for a very long time. He served as governor of Zambia in the 80s when Dr Kenneth Kaunda was President, he then moved on to join the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in 1991 under the Chiluba administration, in all the positions he held, he proved to be hard working. This man is now the 5th President of the Republic of Zambia.

The past and present presidents of Zambia

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